Excellence in Undergraduate Research Awards 2009


Tuesday, 26th May 2009, In the Ruttan of the Otto Maass Chemistry Department of McGill University

in the presence of the Research Directors, Families and Friends of Awardees.


Name of the awarded student


Faculty of Arts


Ellen Mae Gilley

Dr. Peter Hoffmann


Tingchun Chen

Dr. Glyne Piggott

Political Science

Samuel Cummings

Dr. Dietlind Stolle

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Science

Natural Resource Sciences

Katharine Baldwin-Corriveau

Dr. Murray Humphries

Plant Science

Chantal Gagnon

Dr. Sylvie de Blois

School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

Nandita Perumal

Dr. Kristine Koski, Dr. Linda Wykes

Faculty of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Joey Odman
Gary Wilk
Mark Blaser

Dr. Elizabeth Jones
Dr. David Cooper
Dr. Richard Leask

Civil Engineering

Caruso Juliano, Anthony

Dr. Professor Rogers

Electrical  and Computer Engineering

Sandrine Filion Côté

Dr. Andrew Kirk

Faculty of Science

Anatomy and Cell Biology

Andrew Fox

Dr. Carlos Morales

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Patrick Martineau

Dr. Jacques Derome


Gorelik, Alexei

Dr. Bhushan Nagar


Katherine Velghe

Dr. Irene Gregory-Eaves, Dr. Martin Lechowicz


Samantha Stratton

Dr. Audrey Moores

Earth and Planetary Science

Sara Knox

Dr. Jeff McKenzie


Michael Angelopoulos

Dr. Wayne Polard


Ben-Shach, Gilad

Dr. Uzy Smilansky, Dr. Dima Jakobson

Microbiology and Immunology

Laura-Isobel McCall

Dr. Gregory Matlashewski


Charles Tremblay-Darveau

Dr. Guillaume Gervais


Jesse Eisenberg

Dr. Prem Ponka


Aaron Sharp
Sarah Nolan-Poupart
Jung Eun Han

Dr. Thomas Shultz
Dr. Viviane Sziklas
Dr. Barbara Sherwin

Sara Knox receiving her award

Sara Knox signing the book

Michael Angelopoulos receiving his award

Michael Angelopoulos signing the book

Gilad Ben-Shach receiving his award

Gilad Ben-Shach receiving his award signing the book

Laura-Isobel McCall receiving her award

Laura-Isobel McCall signing the book

Charles Tremblay-Darveau receiving his award

Charles Tremblay-Darveau signing the book

Jesse Eisenberg receiving her award

Jesse Eisenberg signing the book

Aaron Sharp receiving his award

Aaron Sharp signing the book award

Sarah Nolan-Poupart receiving her award

Sarah Nolan-Poupartsigning the book

Jung Eun Han receiving her award

Jung Eun Han updating the book

Joey Odman receiving his award

Joey Odman signing the book

Gary Wilk receiving his award

Gary Wilk signing the book

Mark Blaser receiving his award

Mark Blaser signing the book

Sandrine Filion-Côté receiving her award

Sandrine Filion-Côté signing the book

Andrew Fox receiving his award

Andrew Fox signing the book

Katherine Velghe receiving her award

Katherine Velghe signing the book

Samantha Stratton receiving her award

Samantha Stratton signing the book

Dr. Wilczek leads the audience in congratulating the awardees

Fruitful discussion with parents